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Welcome to the Lakelands Master Gardeners Website

The Lakelands Master Gardeners Inc. is a non-profit corporation that is affiliated with the Clemson University Extension Service. The Lakelands Master Gardener program serves all people regardless of socioeconomic level, race, color, sex, religion, disability or national origin.

About Us

We are a service organization comprised of Greenwood and Abbeville Gardeners. Located in Greenwood, South Carolina. We serve Greenwood and Abbeville Counties.
Each member is a certified Master Gardener. To achieve this certification, one must complete a course of study and contribute at least 40 hours per year to community horticultural events during the first year, with 20 service hours annually thereafter.

Our mission in association with the Greenwood County Clemson Extension office is to extend to the public research-based education, horticultural programs and activities that enhance our environment, lives and community.

This Association is operated for the growth and development of its members and for the following purposes:

1. Sharing horticultural information and guidance with South Carolina residents based on research specific to the local climate, soils, and plants;
2. Volunteering time to assist the Extension Service in meeting the demand for reliable gardening information;
3. Providing volunteer service to improve our communities through a wide variety of horticultural projects;
4. Promoting the training of Master Gardeners and keeping Master Gardeners active in service;
5. Encouraging interest in gardening by all citizens;
6. Encouraging the utilization of all resources for better gardening, including the Department of Agriculture and Clemson University Extension Service;
7. Encouraging local environmental beautification and preservation;
8. Helping those less fortunate prosper from the benefits of horticulture.