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Welcome to the Lakelands Master Gardeners Website

The Lakelands Master Gardeners Inc. is a non-profit corporation that is affiliated with the Clemson University Extension Service. The Lakelands Master Gardener program serves all people regardless of socioeconomic level, race, color, sex, religion, disability or national origin.

Following are important links for Master Gardeners:
1) South Carolina Master Gardener Program
2) Home Garden Information Center - Clemson University
3) SC Master Gardener Online Store
4) Soil Testing & Water Irrigation Analysis
5) Pest Identification
6) Horticulture on the Internet links - North Carolina State University
7) Home Gardening - University of Georgia Cooperative Extension
8) Plant Pest and Disease Identification Photos
9) American Horticultural Society Master Gardener links
10) USDA Cooperative Extension System Offices
11) Junior Master Gardeners Program
12) Flowers, Plants & Gardening: For Kids! (Referred by Mrs. McVey and Her 5th Graders)